All Other Voices

by Witch Of The Waste

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Micah Neufeld
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Micah Neufeld Witch Of The Waste is smart. They are the most original band to have ever come out of the Lower Mainland. There isn't a dull moment on this EP at all. The whole entire thing is absolutely interesting the entire way through.

Every part of this EP is perfect. Don't sleep on this band. Favorite track: Nothing Cute Ever Scuttles.
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Jake Saw these guys live and was blown away. Putting out heavy original content, and playing with an enthusiasm like none other, Witch Of The Waste is gonna be killin' it for a long time to come! \w/ Favorite track: War-Time Tic-Tacs.
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released February 7, 2013

Recorded at Raincity with Curtis Buckoll
Mastered at Raincity by Stu Mckillop



all rights reserved


Witch of the Waste Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: High-Tech (For Heretics)
You say "we owe this to the world," But I can't think of anything that it has done for me. You say we owe this to the world, "shut your mouth. You owe this to yourself."

You are a mechanism of inaction. Spinning gears with teeth that never meet. And you're not as naive as you have lead us to believe. All the ghosts in this city are holding every secret between their teeth. "Shut your mouth. You're so wasted. Everyone can tell by the stain on your dress." And I've regretted this every time..... "push it aside." "string me along." "push it aside" "throw me a line" "shut your mouth. They want you dead and everyone can tell by the price on your head." and I've regretted this every time you say "we owe this to the world." Shut your mouth.
Track Name: Candlejack
I don't remember growing old, so slow, enclosed, alone. The Days peeled back like lips from a sick greased grin. because it lived it's entire life in tragedy and it still stands straighter then me. The sun sets sooner every day a little bit dimmer,just like me. the smarter I get the dumber I feel because there is just so much to know. the truth is: I've never slept straight through the night. I've been waking to the rhythmic breathing of my room. paint me into a corner, I'll leave foot prints on the floor because I am to common sense what falling is to sky. trace every sunken face my room seems to have. I have regulars, I know them all by name. time wasted lying down, pen and paper lost in night.... Forced by the hordes we're running for the gates."death to the man caught wiping clean the slate." forced by gravity,sprinting for that failing light.forced by our unconscious willingness to escape.
Track Name: War-Time Tic-Tacs
I’ve been taking breaks from riding trains. So that I could talk to you. I’ve been singing songs in vacant halls. We are all singing all of us. I’ve been spending nights with your ghost. Because you don’t call anymore. I’ve seen ghosts in every corner of this city. I could not begin to tell you how it felt. You would have to see them for yourself. Maybe they will hold your hand out of lust or pity. I’ve felt the wind peel back my insecurities, then I felt them rush right back as you followed it. shut it down. Drown it out. I want to embrace the sound. I’ll put on a song to suit the mood you put me in. A song sung with empty lungs and tight tongues. For you I’ll keep the worst of my words behind my teeth. But I cannot deny my best will cut you just as deep. I will cut you down with the lips and tongue I kissed you with. I wrote a song to let you know how much you affect me. A song sung with empty lungs and tight tongues. You better never mind the look I’m not giving you. You better never mind my passive aggression. You can’t love if it means too much I’ve been riding trains to pass the time Because the damage was far too extensive. I’ve been singing songs to let it out Because the rails I ride are lonely ones My baby wanted me to buy a ring But I bought a guitar instead.
Track Name: Taking The Penguin For A Walk
I drove these outskirts far from the city limit. I unfold the highway, just to see how far it goes.... the horizon apparently... sloping down and sliding under the sheets of the sea. But she's always waiting for me. I'm a better lover than the beach. Then, somewhere between the sky and sea, I tried to blink with my break lights, but blinked all at once and now the sky and earth wrestle for their influence. I drove back these holidays. Back to the east to dip in the water. To breathe and release. "Wake up. the songs that you sing don't mean anything." Parking breaks and endless holidays both will wear and break and roll me down the hills of Osoyoos. So put me in the ground.
Track Name: Landing Planes In Hurricanes
Your voice cuts right through the room with a reckless distinction. All other voices holding tongues, in love, in fragile fingers: spreading wide and stretching miles and miles and miles..... Come closing in. Was it love? Was it less or more? I poured myself into every kiss and now I'm out of me. Such simple sounds sing a cold lullaby which is sinking you to sleep. When my gloves drop and my knuckles glow white I'll be the first to sing: We are all singing. All of us.....
Track Name: Nothing Cute Ever Scuttles
I’m just repeating tired words,Trying to forget what she said. They are begging me to speak Despite your song stuck in my head You should know this all by heart By now, by goodbye. The stars are turning grey in quick succession. Trace all the lines back to the source, Where all the veins converge and grow a pulse. Waste all the spaces between breathes feel my lungs collapse into the cold. Let every breath breed discontent. Sing these love songs into open wounds That I made with my failing kiss And sing so loud it hurts The way we used to dance in time And the way we used to speak in rhyme Alludes to the stage we played Scenes of much brighter days. I am such a slave to hooks that you’ve sung to me I’ve been spending my nights softly sleeping in your harmonies I’ve found myself sleeping within your melody Every single syllable is ringing inside my head